Audience Comments for Screwtape Letters performed by Max McLean

Students of Veritas Christian Academy's British Literature class attended last weekend's production of The Screwtape Letters in Boston. Our class read the book in its entirety and thoroughly enjoyed this production at the Cutler Majestic Theatre. Hope to see you again!
--Donna Bentson

I was so thrilled that you came to Boston and that I could see the performance! Please come back again so more people can see it! A wonderful adaptation. Thank you!

A small group of my family and friends had the immense pleasure of enjoying the November 19th production at the exquisite Majestic Theatre in Dallas TX. It was all we imagined and much, much more. Some from our group had read the book in its entirety, some had read a portion thereof, and the remainder of the group had not read it at all. This performance by Max McLean offered something for all of us and he definitely did NOT disappoint. My only regret is that more of my friends and family did not attend. I wish everyone I know and love could see this marvellous performance. It evokes so many different emotions on various levels. In 90 well-paced thought-provoking minutes Mr. McLean manages to successfully present humor, wickedness, devastation, and triumphal victory. Thank you for a wonderful evening!

My daughter and I went together for our birthday. This was a wonderful experience... chilling at times, thought provoking, and a happy reminder that our God wins! I could picture the "patient" as a real man fighting a real battle. When I heard the soaring music, "A mighty Fortress is our God!", and "Amazing Grace", and saw Hell shake I was deeply moved in my spirit.

I just got back home from seeing it. And i want to go back....So please bring it back to Birmingham, AL
--Joey Giangrosso

I saw Screwtape Letters at the Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis this year. The sound quality was sooo bad that me, my husband and three other couples could not make out the dialog during 60% of the performance. Good thing we are very familiar with the book... so at least we had a clue as to what was happening. Disappointing.

Wonderful. Thought provoking. Seeing the unseen. The spiritual warfare ongoing we are generally unaware of.

Come back to New York please. :)

The acting was brilliant, but his accent was so heavy, it didn't sound like he was even speaking English. We could barely understand what he was saying.

We saw it at the Barclay Theatre in Irvine CA. It was AMAZING! I had never read the book before and didn't know what to expect. Max McLean is incredible. Toadpipe was wonderful. Thought provoking, especially the passage about gluttony not always being about food. Would love to see it again.

This adaptation of CS Lewis' is fantastic. It further cemented what I so often want to dismiss: that we live in a world ruled by the enemy of our souls and that warfare is alive and well as in the days that Jesus walked this earth. Also, this performance is like a classic piece of art: you see it once, listen to the Q&A, think about it, and go back to see it again! Its worthy to be seen again and again. Like the classics in painting or literature. One could never tire of this!! Bravo Max and Co.
--Victoria Kayser

I thought it to be very good and thought provoking. Being able to converse with Max McLean immediately afterwards was great. Ana

My husband took me to see Screwtape for the first time in 2010. I recently learned they were coming back to town and have since encouraged everyone I know to go with us! It is such a wonderful experience - AWESOME is more like it.

Will you ever bring the play to the Detroit, Michigan area? Two of my friends saw your performance in New York and said they would love to see it again. I sure hope you come here, because I know many of my friends would love to see it.
--Rose Marie Stiles

Brilliant!! Had the pleasure of experiencing the never-ending quest for the soul of mankind last night in Atlanta. Fantastic performances by Max McLean and Beckley Andrews coupled with excellent lights, sound, and stage. Every person will find themselves identifiable with at least one, but probably more, of the thought provoking moments that are captured and delivered on stage. How they were able to make the show so comical, intellectually engaging, soul stirring, and so pure with no agenda was absolutely splendid!

Since my eighth grade English class read The Screwtape Letters, I was extremely excited to see this performance with many of them in Dallas. All the students (and their parents) really enjoyed the performance. It was truly a memorable evening. The Q and A time after the performance was delightful and the performance itself was impressive. It was the consummate enrichment experience.

I always knew the enemy would stoop to any level to gain a soul, ruin a marriage and make a lie seem believable, but "Screwtape" the play awakened me to the fact that no matter how spiritually mature we grow, his cunning will outwit us EVERY time, BUT for God's grace and mercy. I left the theater knowing that God loves me more than my finite mind can imagine. Linda, Atlanta

For awhile there were plans to make The Screwtape Letters into a movie. I loved the book and have never laughed so hard out loud in my life. I'm devasted i missed the play here in Atlanta.

Saw it in Dallas with my daughter - strong performances cleverly brought to life Lewis' insights. Entertaining and convicting - well worth seeing.

Saw the video on this site. Looks fantastic! Any chance of the show coming to the San Francisco Bay Area???
--Kit Hill, Ed.D.

Max McLean has done a wonderful job bringing to life the words of C.S. Lewis in his book The Screwtape Letters. This play is most definitely for Christians and for those who are not Christians, though, as a Christian elements in the play might make more sense. Both of these parties will hopefully see the truth and feel conviction of the things Screwtape is writing to Wormwood about. We all share these common experiences! As a Christian, I was tempted to cry at certain parts because this play was a snapshot of the spiritual battle that Christians should be facing everyday. To watch the "patient" fight the good fight and lose his way was very moving! I felt at many times he represented me and my walk with God. Disregarding the fact that there are only two people in this play, the words are so descriptive that you can imagine the world above that is taking place while time goes on! Use your imagination and you will see the other characters!

The tone and tempo of the play was just as cutting as Lewis' words. Very taken with the addition of the transformations of Toadpipe that we, humans, might recognize ourselves. Throughly enjoyed every aspect of the play.

The main character Screwtape is so wonderfully over the top - sitting there in his smoking jacket, talking about the foibles of mankind, our vanities and the things you can prey on - it was just a wonderful good as any performance I've ever seen.

Amazing and important work and entertainingly evil too!

I have read The Screwtape Letters several times over the past 30 years. I have listened to the audio version on CD. I finally saw this amazing production yesterday. Max McLean and FPA truly demonstrates that the Arts are God's gift to us. Their theatrical insight and imagination brings CS Lewis' book to a living reality on stage. This is a MUST see!
--Mike Dugal

Spellbinding, enchanting and excellent! Saw the production of "Screwtape" twice in DC, the second time having to dig out of several inches snow to get there. I attend a fair number of theatre events and this one was top notch - both times. ...provokes much thought about eternal matters too.
--Valerie Hunt

My wife got tickets as a birthday present. I was thoroughly excited to see the play but was more than let down. The set, lighting, etc were all superb. Toadpipe was a true joy to watch. However, the only speaking character could only be clearly understood for half of the play. I don't know if that was due to acoustics or accent laziness. Not what you expect from a professional production though.

Riveting, sensational, hilarious, convicting. Heightens the senses to the fact that Satan is on the prowl, looking for any opportunity to kill, steal and destroy our lives. Wow. Toadpipe's presence on the stage was the perfect blend of theatrical spice.
--Matt Feliksa

Max McLean, was just impeccable, what a marvelous performance, as soon as the play is back in my area I will go see it again and bring a friend. Please go if you have not seen it you will not be disappointed

We saw the show last fall in NYC and tonight in Seattle. Brilliant! Come back - I'll bring as many people as I can. And - looking forward to The Great Divorce!!!

Saw the 8:00 PM showing in Portland last night. It sparked some needed thoughts about how I see the world and false assumptions I make about the devil's role in choices I make. The production was well done, and entertaining, and captures the insights from the book well. We were at Portland's fine Arlene Schnitzer hall, where acoustics are supposed to be excellent. Still, I occasionally found it difficult to clearly hear what the actor was saying. Still, I'm very glad I went.
--Clive Fan

I was disappointed only because the sound in the Schnitzer Hall in Portland where we were sitting was not it was very difficult to hear and understand the show which was very disappointing. I'm sure it was great - it's just we could not enjoy it because of that.

We are desperate to see Screwtape again, please come back to Chicago. We've got a bus-load of friends that want to see it too. It was fabulous!

Excellent production of the Screwtape Letters! Both humorous and definitely thought provoking. Max McLean as Scewtape was amazing as well as his character's sidekick, Toadpipe.
--Monica Herrera Crispin

Wow. This is the book, exactly as it should have been done! Saw it last night in Glendale and I was just amazed. I've never seen art from a Christian worldview with so much excellence. Really Really thankful for you guys. Please make more!

My friends and I saw the play tonight at The Alex Theatre in Glendale and I am so privileged to have seen Max's performance. Not only was it wickedly funny (loved Toadpipe & the Madonna song cameo too!), but absolutely convicting to the point of disturbance on how we allow ourselves to fall into the wiles of the true enemy Satan...over and over again. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS!!!
--Connie in Anaheim, California

Total Bore!!!!! It was ok for the first ten minutes. It was not this life altering spirtual epiphany as some people claim. It is 90 minutes of yelling and screeching by two actors. By the way, they are the only two in the entire play. I was expecting something so much more. Secondly, the seating is so claustrophobic. This lady sat in front of me with long, long, long, thorny somewhat witchy gray hair and kept swinging it on my legs the entire time. It was disgusting!!!!!! I did not enjoy this play. Theater too small and the play totally over-rated.

I love you guys! What you are doing is not only excellent, but it is so needed in our "post-Christian" cities. Keep going in His strength and grace!
--Sherman Brand

I saw it a few weeks ago and was mesmerized. I'm in the process of planning to attend one more performance before it closes!

My wife bought 2 tickets to tonight's 7:00 performance as a Christmas present.We traveled from Maine to see the performance... then, the snow. We were calling all day from Long Island, but only got a busy signal. We thought we'd try to get to the city, but all the local taxis had stopped running!Soooo disappointed!!!

Any plans for shows in Philly or that general area?! Merry Christmas!!!!
--Terri Ammerman

I received two tickets for Christmas, and was blessed to share this experience with my 13-year-old son in NYC. The energy and excitement on stage was more than equal to that of the blizzard outside. My son wasn't sure he'd like the show at first, but was quickly caught up in the brilliance of the production. Bravo!

Max was great as always. Toadpipe also added lots of entertaining fun. Particularly the kiniption fits when things didn't go as planned.

Please come somewhere down south! Atlanta, Birmingham...even Nashville!!! I am dying to see it but can not make it that far north :)

I just saw the show tonight. I have only read part of the book, but now I am inspired to read the entire text. Max's presentation, timing, and heart felt convictions bring life and reality to every phrase. At the same time, I felt myself warned of the reality I know is there, but....even better...the beauty of what we have in knowing God, His pleasure and His love..this grace is the true defense, which I could see with a vivid taste..messes with the devil more than anything..Bravo...bravo Max, thanks for your help to my soul today.

Brilliant! Funny, thought-provoking, engaging, thoroughly entertaining piece of theater. The two actors filled the stage with their stellar performances.
--Michele in Raleigh, NC

I like the way they kept many of the turns of phrases of C.S. Lewis, that inimitable writer. I was prepared to be bored after about 20 minutes (having never been able to get through the whole book for some reason) but it wasn't boring. And hearing it spoken does so much for the letters, although such performances generally limit the imagination, being so specific, this one seemed to enhance it. And with Screwtape and Toadpipe it's almost like theater and mime together, a neat and effective combination.

PLEEEEAASE bring Screwtape back to Chicago. We saw it twice when it was here, and have so many friends that we want to bring to see it. After hearing our reviews, they are all really regreting not going when they had the chance. Please release a DVD of the play. We would LOVE to have a copy for ourselves to view regularly and a dozen more to give as gifts.

We loved the show and were lucky to get tickets during it's sold out run in Washington, DC. We can't wait for to see the Great Divorce!
--peggy coleman

I saw Screwtape in NY this summer and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. What an amazing have the curtain drawn back on the subtle manipulations of the enemy...and see his quest for my soul. I wanted my husband to see it (he is a huge Lewis fan) and we are going to be able to see it in Raleigh in November. I am so excited! Mr. McLean did an outstanding job portraying Screwtape. I wish every Christian could see this show. Then maybe we would live like it were true.

Magnificent! Will it come to Boston? Please do a video!

I just heard an interview on "The Catholic Channel" from my car. As soon as I got home I searched to see when the show would be playing in my town. Please bring the show to Baltimore!

I think my son said it best...I ask what he thought of the show and he said he was completely enthralled from the very beginning!!!! I believe we all was just fantastic. Everything was great, Acting...the set....the sound...just a great experience for all four of us and I believe everyone else there would agree.

Tremendous - both very very funny and deeply menacing. I was skeptical about how well Lewis's book could translate to the stage, but McLean does it brilliantly, and Wight is a key part of the experience, even though she doesn't have a single line. BTW, it would be nice to give her a line during the curtain call - just so we know she CAN speak!

The Screwtape Letters is tremendous! The simplicity is profound and the darkness is enlightening. What a masterful production for both CS Lewis veterans and new comers. Clear the calendar and invite a friend, you will be glad you did.
--Pastor Gregg Matte, Senior Pastor of Hou

when are you making a DVD - and where can I buy it?

Max McLean brilliantly brings to the stage C.S. Lewis’s bestselling tale of diabolical cunning and intrigue, ‘The Screwtape Letters’, is a captivating performance that is witty, profound, moving, and just plain wonderful in every respect. This truly superb and imaginative stage experience cannot be surpassed and should simply not be missed.
--David J. Theroux, Founder and President,

The show has challenged me to once again exam my spiritual life and strive to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord.

Magnificent, period.

I am surprised that this is the first I have heard of this production. I am a huge C. S. Lewis fan (have been since I first read The Screwtape Letters in college 31 years ago.) AND I LOVE Max McLean! PLEASE come to Texas again and send out advance warning by e-mail and however else you can so that I can get tickets. I MUST see this show!!!!

When I attended the performance last Saturday night, I was already expecting to enjoy a stage adaptation of C. S. Lewis' unbearably precise, yet unabashedly hilarious, treatise on the demonic delusions that beset us all. I was not prepared to be totally wowed by the creative lighting, set design, and sound work, all of which kept the sinister storyline barreling along in full tilt. Each time the lights came up on a new "letter," it was as if the roulette wheel took a new spin as Screwtape and his gargoyle-like assistant Toadpipe gamboled through Lewis' prose and gambled for a soul's damnation. The result was a delightfully theatrical dizzy spell as far from a monologue as you can possibly get while staying true to the literary intensity, and the loving intentions, of the original author. See this with a friend so you can talk about it later it sure beats another evening staring into a "cold fire" at home... Screwtape's inhuman commentary illuminates our humanity like nothing else can.

We saw this 04/18/2010. One of those perfect gems: great staging, sound, lighting, venue...and the cast was perfect. Bravo!

Terrific show. My family loved it. It's a pleasure to be entertained and spiritually challenged at the same time.

Went to the D.C. performance. Well done! And...Thank you for your passion and mission! Knowing C.S. Lewis' writings quite well - was anxious to see what "bits" you pulled from the book for the play. In my opinion, it hit all the key parts. This fact encourages me to support all your future endeavors.

My husband and I and some of our Sunday School class were in attendance for the show in D.C. We loved it and still talk about it all these months later. Loved Toadpipe, what a brilliantly done part. Max is one a kind! Thank you for a wonderful thought provoking, life changing show.

Please come to western Connecticut or the eastern Hudson valley.

Would like to know if there are any dates planned to bring the show to the Los Angeles area. I would bring a whole group from our church

Rochester NY would be a fantastic place for performances. Located between Buffalo and Syracuse NY not only would you draw from those 3 cities, also from Canada.

Please come to Memphis!

How about Philadelphia?

Any plans to bring this show to Philadelphia? I would be there with all my friends (and enemies) in a minute!

Please think about touring in Canada, especially in Alberta and even more specifically in Edmonton or Calgary, Please!

Please bring it to Atlanta!

Please come to Reno, Nevada.

I've seen Max several times live. This performance was as outstanding as everything else I've seen him in.

I loved every moment of the play. The characters were equally strong & worked well together in a seamless line. Toadpipe won your heart without a single word. Screwtape was strong & showed the emotional cracks needed for such a character. Would love to see again & again!

Bass Hall Fort Worth TX would be a great place to see the production!

Please come to Dallas or Fort Worth!

Yes, I second the motion - please come to Rochester, New York - a city which supports many cultural activities. There is the Geva Theatre, the Auditorium Theatre, the Black Friars Theatre, and others ....

Please come to Boston, or somewhere in New England. Pleassssssssse

The C.S. Lewis Society in Indianapolis is growing. Please bring the show here.

Saw the Austin show. One word, Brilliant! C.S. Lewis would be proud.

What a wonderful show in Austin! Please bring your production to Dallas.

My husband and I had the opportunity to hear you in Austin. We took two of our 13 grandchildren. They are 8 and 10, each well taught in the scripture, especially for such a tender age. They sat on the edge of their seats the entire time and we attended the 8pm session. It was fun watching and listening to their comments. They had very few questions and were thoroughly enthralled with "truth come to life"

Thank you for using your God-given talent to His Glory and in such a unique manner! We were all totally absorbed and grateful for the opportunity. Keep up His work! Your approach will draw many to "search out the rest of the truth. We look forward to the next portrayal. Please keep Austin on your itenerary; we need it!"

Please bring to St. Louis!

please consider making this available in video format for the many of us unable to attend a performance!

We drove from Birmingham to Chattanooga to enjoy the show. It was an outstanding presentation of a great work! From our seats in the balcony, the sound effects were a little too loud at times. At one point the noise, which was powerfully effective in setting the scene, overpowered McLean's voice. Still, we thoroughly enjoyed it (as much as you can enjoy a portrayal of evil).

Saw the 8PM performance at the Tivoli in Chat Tn. Wonderful! Convicting! If ever anyone provided the Enemy's play book, Screwtape letters is it and delivered believably. More than mere entertainment.I brought three young people, two my own and one extra, to the play. Age 17 -21. They really enjoyed it and we had a great discussion all the way home.

SUGGESTION for stage consideration: "The Question of God: C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud Debate God, Love, Sex, and the Meaning of Life" by Armand M. Nicholi Jr.

It is a conversation that exists within the works of both men and yet never took place. Freud puts forth the complaint and objection and is answered almost as if he had addressed the question to him by Lewis.

God bless all involved and especially Mr. MacLean for his devotion to the Lord and the surrender of his God given talent and gift back to God for His purposes.

I truly enjoyed Max McLean and Karen Eleanor Wight's performance of C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters. I absolutely recommend it to anyone and everyone! I hope to see more productions such as this in the future.

I was fascinated and thrilled at what I perceived as the message of CS Lewis's play - that we must know ourselves as well as we can and hold to that truth. This is a very Jungian (a la Carl Jung) idea. He believed that not only are our roots Christian, but that we have the ability to know ourselves through many avenues(dreams, meditation, visualization, experiences, and more). We do this for ourselves and for the betterment of our world. This play can pack an important punch with a little more explanation. Give it.

The performance in Louisville was wonderful! I hadn't read the book in several years. This provocative story of evil and its attempted control of human souls is a real motivator to be "self-controlled and alert!" Excellent work.

I was not familiar with the story when I bought the tickets for my husband, my 15 year old grandson and myself. However, my husband had read the book many years ago and was enthusiastic about seeing the play when I asked him if he was interested. I was looking for something to do with my grandson while he was with us. He is interested in theater.

When we sat down and Tim pointed out that there was only one speaking part...I thought "oh no, this will be boring and Adam won't like it". Well, ALL of us enjoyed the play very much. The gentleman who played Screwtape was incredible. What feeling. He made it so real for us. is a very good story. We listened intently, understood the words and just enjoyed the entire play. We talked about it all the way home...just want to repeat the actor (Max McLean) is a wonderful and excellent actor...what a great performance

Please bring this production to Atlanta.

PLEASE bring a production to Los Angeles or Pasadena area!

My dad and I snatched standing room-only tickets for the last night this show was playing in Washington, D.C. Standing for 90 minutes in heels has never been so worthwhile. McLean's acting is superb, bringing an already excellent work of literature to new heights with his performance. McLean takes Lewis's timeless observations on humanity and presents it in an entertaining way for our visual generation. Whether one likes theater that makes you laugh or drama that makes you think, The Screwtape Letters is a must-see!

My 3 sisters and I, all in our 60's traveled to Chattanooga from Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky to see Screwtape and it was an awesome production in spite of the evilness of the content. I wonder if Max is ever bothered by this as C.S. Lewis said he was by the time he finished the writing of it. Max is a highly intellectually talented and unique actor, perfect for the part. God bless him for taking on such a task and for his stage ministry.

Ple-e-e-ase bring this to Miami Beach! please provide spanish subtitles. My 75 yr.old mother is a cultured lady and taught me to love art/theater, and I would love to share this with her! We have wonderfull theatres here and art lovers. Keep up the good fight!

I took my 15-year-old and 13-year-old to the show in Austin, and they LOVED it! I loved the irony, satire and fun that Max McLean put into the role...he really brought Screwtape to life (further emphasizing the genius of C.S. Lewis).

I missed out on getting tickets to the show in Houston, so I made a 6.5 hrs trip to see "Screwtape" in Austin. So worth it and I would do it again.

The show was amazing!!! Simply amazing. The book was truly brought to life by your performance.

Fantastic. Well presented and timeless.

Screwtape is one of my favorite books, and this stage adaptation is simply marvelous! What a fantastic show!

Four days is not nearly enough for Houston, Texas! I attempted to reserve tickets online and I attempted to purchase tickets in person. The show was completely sold out. I hope the production company/management will consider giving Houston an entire week the next time!

We enjoyed the production in Washington on 2 January very much. Mr. McLean was superb essentially a 90-minute monologue done (so far as we could tell) flawlessly. Ms. Wight's character also was done extremely well just a different kind of role. 'Twas an admirable production all around. Thank you.

True to the text, frighteningly engaging, this play serves as a cautionary tale to all. Yes, Hell is real and permanent - and there is only one escape, rebirth in Christ. Born twice, die once; born once, die twice.

I'm thrilled that "Screwtape" is coming to Houston in January. But he should come back in August - he'd really like our summer heat

Looking forward to this show, having read everything CS Lewis has written over the years - straight Christian morality observed from the far side of the looking glass: what a concept, and how can it be rendered theatrically? Here is a performance that I anticipate will radically alter my head, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the WW2-vintage ethos of Doing the Right Thing is translated to the latter-day stage. I haven't been this excited about theater in a long time!

Max and Karen...what a performance! My wife and I traveled from VA to NYC to see you this past January (2009) as a birthday treat - and how marvelous seeing this long-anticipated play. The set is stunningly simple and the setting intimately inviting. The colours are resplendent and the acting flawless! Hats off to the director:-) Thank you.

My wife and I saw the play on March 26. FANTASTIC! Too bad it will be only in the theater for a short while. We would consider driving another 5 hours back to Chicago to see it again accompanied by as many friends as we could get to come with us. The intimate size of the theater was a plus. Sound and lighting superb!

We enjoyed your wonderful (and convicting) performance this weekend.

My husband, our two oldest children, and I just returned home to Austin, TX, from Chicago where we thoroughly enjoyed Max McLean's performance in The Screwtape Letters. We actually traveled to Chicago primarily in order to see the show and it did not disappoint! We attended the 3 pm show yesterday, sitting next to Mr. McLean in the theater's bar/restaurant while having hot chocolate before the show, and though we didn't want to bother him by speaking to him, the boys thought it was really fun to see him.

Our sons (7th and 9th grades) read quite a bit of C.S. Lewis' works at their classical Christian school, Regents School of Austin. They were very impressed with Mr. McLean's performance and with the dramatic depiction of Lewis' story. It really brought to life the themes that run through the letters, and prompted a very interesting conversation among the four of us at dinner that evening. We just wanted to express our appreciation for giving such an impressive and inspiring performance; we thoroughly enjoyed it

Technically excellent, the sound design, set, light design, costume, choreography all support this adaptation. Max's mastery of the script and his capturing of Screwtape's roguish charm, wit, and cruelty are most impressive.

We enjoyed your wonderful (and convicting) performance this weekend. We also were very happy to meet you. I would love very much to chat with you more about bringing the Screwtape Letters to Richmond.

Thoroughly enjoyed the show last Saturday evening and found it to be an excellent portrayal of Lewis' work. All 51 of us who came up for the day had a wonderful time! Excellent work!! I'd encourage the adaptation of The Great Divorce if you are considering it.

I think Max McLean really did a fabulous job presenting what are very difficult nuances in ideas which seem so backward to us.

The power of the portrayal of evil and its accompanying despair and hopelessness as presented by McLean through Lewis' words was, at times, frightening! The humor was just as effective on the flip side. Job well done!

I've been going to reread the Screwtape Letters now I'll have a vivid picture of the 'affectionate' Uncle to spice up the experience.

The show was captivating, thoroughly engrossing, phenomenally mind-challenging and amazingly simple, yet complex.

The show was a delight, convicting, and amazing!

We saw Max's performance last night at the Mercury Theater in Chicago, Illinois. Max was awesome!

My husband, our two oldest children, and I just returned home to Austin, TX, from Chicago where we thoroughly enjoyed Max McLean's performance in The Screwtape Letters. We actually traveled to Chicago primarily in order to see the show and it did not disappoint!We attended the 3 pm show yesterday, sitting next to Mr. McLean in the theater's bar/restaurant while having hot chocolate before the show, and though we didn't want to bother him by speaking to him, the boys thought it was really fun to see him.

Our sons (7th and 9th grades) read quite a bit of C.S. Lewis' works. They were very impressed with Mr. McLean's performance and with the dramatic depiction of Lewis' story. It really brought to life the themes that run through the letters, and prompted a very interesting conversation among the four of us at dinner that evening. We just wanted to express our appreciation for giving such an impressive and inspiring performance; we thoroughly enjoyed it!

I saw The Screwtape Letters in Washington, DC on 4/20. Prior to that I had read the C.S. Lewis work. I think Mr. Lewis would be pleased. If I could I would gladly shake Max McLean's hand and say a hearty well done!

I enjoyed so much the "Screwtape" performance on Monday night, Feb. 6th...the Church Planting Center arranged for all the church planters in the current training program to attend, and I believe about 15 couples were there! We were really pleased. And to sit on the front row, what a special treat that was!!! Upfront and personal!

Last night I was very much moved by your [production of] Screwtape. You really captured the spirit of Lewis' genius in that work.

I, (unfortunately living in California), have not seen the production, however I have read, and re-read the book several times, and seen the Video on the web. I have several of Mr. McLean's other productions, and am very jealous of those on the East Coast who can see the live play. I am just hoping that Mr. McLean's production company will take pity on the rest of us, and produce a DVD of this fine C. S. Lewis prose. Looking forward to it.

Definitely worth it. Better than anything I've seen on or off Broadway. Incredibly thought-provoking. Acting is superb.

Very entertaining!

I found the show overall to be good, but not great. Only two characters: the devil Screwtape and his assistant. This will appeal to people with an interest in religious questions, done in a funny novel way. Sometimes I found myself finding it hard to follow Screwtape's words, but it became better as the play went on. His assistant, a female devil, was fabulous. She only made sounds, and did not speak words, but she was a terrific counterpoint to Screwtape's monologues. The staging and costuming was great, especially for the assistant. Lighting was very effective. Go see it if you can.

Ordinarily, one-person shows stretch my patience, but this adaptation of C.S. Lewis's epistolary novel was a sinfully delicious exception. Scaling to an upper floor to St. Clement's Theatre, we look down on a wondrously appalling vision of hell, where His Abysmal Sublimity Screwtape has his efficient little office. McLean veers deftly between the various Screwtapes we encounter in his letters. Generally, he is avuncular in his correspondence with his unseen acolyte Wormwood as this junior temptor strives here on earth to recruit his first soul to the netherworld. Yet as Wormwood's fortunes shift along with his own Screwtape may rage, shrivel into unctuous servility, or reveal his primal cannibalistic core.

Greatly enriching this infernal treat was Karen Eleanor Wight as Toadpipe, Screwtape's eternally silent personal secretary. Slithering on the floor to transcribe her master's dictation, slinking up a pole to post it, Toadpipe was a constant undertow of evil even when Screwtape himself was his most charming and provocative a Cirque du Soleil imp turned into nightmare. During those delicious instances when she bared her teeth, we realized that the servile Toadpipe was also a carnivore, hungrily dependent on her master's scraps.

The main character Screwtape is so wonderfully over the top - sitting there in his smoking jacket, talking about the foibles of mankind, our vanities and the things you can prey on - it was just a wonderful good as any performance I've ever seen.

This will appeal to people with an interest in religious questions, done in a funny novel way. Sometimes I found myself finding it hard to follow Screwtape's words, but it became better as the play went on. His assistant, a female devil, was fabulous. She only made sounds, and did not speak words, but she was a terrific counterpoint to Screwtape's monologues. The staging and costuming was great, especially for the assistant. Lighting was very effective. Go see it if you can.

Definitely worth it. Better than anything I've seen on or off Broadway. Incredibly thought-provoking. Acting is superb.

It was an exciting play, and as a pastor, and as a Christian, it was especially profound - more so, for me, in the play than in the reading. You did really bring it to life.

To watch Max perform CS Lewis's The Screwtape Letters was extremely captivating. Having read the book, I was concerned how the portrayal would compare. I was more than pleasantly pleased. Max's performance was outstanding and left me wanting more. Most Excellent.

I thought that this was a phenomenal experience. Although I am only 13, I have had much exposure to CS Lewis, but this was the first time I was moved by his writing and his humor. The performances were inspirational.

My wife, Mother and I just saw you this Sunday and we all became instant Karen Eleanor Wight fans. The transormations you telegraphed with out uttering a single (recognizable) word were wonderful to behold. Congratulations on reminding us all what live performance is all about.

I saw Screwtape... How amazing it was...your performance was truly inspired. Watching his/your slow demise under the faulted logic (doomed to anyone who ignores the purity and power of "the Enemy") as you dispensed it all with just relish, was a beautiful dramatization of a traditionally expository Lewis. The direction, the set, the music/sound,and certainly Toadpipe were delectable as well- and created a world as real as it was bewitching.

As a strong believer in Lewis and his teachings, I traveled to NYC from Los Angeles with my family in tow to see "Screwtape"-the performance was superb-thank you so much, all of you, for a memorable and provocative 90 minutes. Come to California!

It was great to see CS Lewis' words come alive on stage. I was quite amused by Toadpipe's animated personality which was comic relief for the heavier moments. The set and how it was slowly revealed was phenomenal.

I went to see it yesterday May 1st with my dad and it was fantabulous. The director did an excellent job of terrifying you with the truth behind C.S Lewis's brilliant words. As well as add a disturbing yet cute form of comic relief in the character Toadpipe. It's so well done that at one point you almost don't even realize you're laughing and enjoying such a gruesome reality; and then at once he brings you back to the surrounding backdrop with incredible lighting and "noise" as the main character so eloquently called it. This is definitely a must see!

PLEEEEASEEEE...Bring it to New Haven!

Will the show be coming to the East Coast again? This is one of my favorite books by C.S. Lewis and by all accounts this is a play not to be missed!

It is what entertainment should do - instruct... It was thought-provoking; I will tell all my friends about it...

I Live in Lake Worth, FL. Do you plan to bring Screwtape to the West Palm/BocaRaton/Jupiter/Lake Worth area soon? I'm sure I could get a group together. Heard a review on WMBI/WRMB. Sounds great.

What a challenging and thought provoking night of entertainment. Would highly recommend seeing this while it is in Chicago!

Our family are all C.S.Lewis' fans and this performance started a heated debate from Lewis' attitude on pride to the amazing acting abilities of both characters. Thank you.

Attended the show in Chicago @ Mercury Theater. It was a very interesting look at the thoughts from the black side of the earth. I was drawn in and kept on my toes thru out the entire performance. Hats off to Max, he was a excellent Screwtape, I had read this as a book before but this play brought to light things I had missed or forgotten. My wife to soon be and I met Max after the performance, he is a gentleman thru and thru.

Please take it across the country. We are dying to see it in person here in the mid-west. At least provide us with a dvd to purchase.

Please tour the country!!!!

This afternoon, my mom and I trekked downtown to see Max McLean in his one (well, really two) man show of CS Lewis' Screwtape Letters. I can't think of when I enjoyed a trip to the theater more - it was seriously wonderful.

Max McLean has always been a dramatic reader to me. If you get the chance to hear his CD of Jonathan Edward's Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, do so. His voice and voice performance is amazing. But as Screwtape he was wonderful. And Toadpipe nearly stole the show - she was fantastic, not just as she scribbled down the letters, but as she became the personifications of the various illustrations Screwtape used in his letters.

Got the chance to see Screwtape a couple nights ago. Bravo! It was delightful! Your creativity was evident. Thanks also for your sensitivity to the text. I wrote my doctoral dissertation on C.S. Lewis. Max was great ... and so was Toadpipe a great addition!

This production is spellbinding, and draws you in immediately. I felt real movement and progression in this new version as I watched Screwtape fall apart. I never really focused on the "devouring" aspect of all this in the first production in this one, it's intense. It's great theater and provocative for a good two hours AFTER the show. The directing is first rate (loved the human characterizations by Karen she's fabulous and the sound bites, perfect), sound, lighting, set all work together so well. I was transformed into Screwtape's world and yet never distracted from the message.

I recently went with some freinds from the church that I attend and saw the 8 oclock performance. We all enjoyed it very much.I very rarely go to broadway plays because they can be very pricey and then you're taking a chance that what you're viewing won't grieve your spirit. After seeing The Screwtape Letters I left with a greater awareness of how the enemy of our soul works. Thank you.

We were totally thrilled by your performance last night! Everything about the production was simply OUTSTANDING! And there was a lot for us to discuss on our way home from the theatre. You surely helped us to appreciate Jesus, our Faith and THEATRE in a whole new, HIGHER way! Best blessings to you and your stellar Toadpipe, Jenny...and JEFFREY!

C.S. Lewis work on Screwtape was ingenious. Max McLean does it justice.

The performance by Max McLean was outstanding. I have been attending Broadway theater for 35 years and have seen many fine performances. Mr. McLean's was one of the best! I was very impressed by how much of himself he was willing to give to the audience. Bravo for compelling, intelligent theater from a Christian perspective!

I recently took my 7th & 8th grade English class to see the "Scretape Letters" and it was a wonderful theatre experience for all. I understand that you were considering "Pride and Prejudice" as an upcoming performance. I am reading that now with my class and it would be wonderful to see Max Mclean perform it.

1st time was very enjoyable, but tonight was just as good.

A brilliant production in every way - performances, scenery, staging - all top notch and a delight. Well worth our 2 hour trip into the city to see. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I loved Max McLean's performance in the "Screwtape Letters." Although I had heard about his talents and exceptional acting ability, seeing him in person was nothing short of amazing.

My only humble suggestion would be to consider anplifying his voice so that the people in the back rows can hear him clearly. When he sat in his chair his voice diminished and it was very difficult to understand what he was saying.

Max McLean gives a brilliant performance as Screwtape. Jenny Savage brings a bit of visual flair (to what would otherwise be a one-man show) with her rendition of Toadpipe, Screwtape's secretary. Her performance art style dances between each of the "letters" are somewhat peculiar but somehow work. I would suggest that the set be slightly altered so that Screwtape's chair be set further back and closer to center stage. The lighting could also be made more conducive to the setting. I was surprised to learn the C.S. Lewis novel was being brought to the stage. Only a talent of Mr. McLean's caliber could pull it off so convincingly.

I found the play to be exceptional!! Max McLean's performance was amazing.

Powerful, convicting and entertaining. This was a unique theatre experience for myself and the others in our group. I highly recommend it. If you are familiar with the material it will not disappoint. If you've not read The Screwtape Letters you are in for a rewarding encounter with CS Lewis' masterful creation as seen in this faithful stage adaptation.

Absolutely friends enjoyed it immensely too. Congratulations for a tour de force performance.....and thanks for the privilege of being a part of it as I do believe being part is just what is possible for an audience in such a small and appropriate setting.....hell was, well, hell as I'd like to imagine it.

This was one of the worst plays I have ever seen the first act of. I could not understand the main "actor" as he insisted on speaking in some sort of bizzare english accent. Both actors mugged uncontrollably. I could not wait to leave the theater. I enjoyed the book very much and was sad to see it savaged so dreadfully.

Congratulations to Max, Jenny and everyone involved in this production of 'The Screwtape Letters.' We are all blessed by your tremendous talents and look forward to FPA's next production.

I'm one of the Hope for New York volunteers who was able to take a group from the Crown Ministry to the "Screwtape Letters" on Monday. We got to sit on the second row, and our clients were literally on the edge of their seats (you may have heard their reaction to your lines with a many spontaneous "Hmm!"). I deeply smiled as I thought about how powerfully Lewis' words were able to be communicated to a former drug addict living with AIDS sitting next to me whose lives' circumstances Lewis probably could never have forseen. I enjoyed your performance tremendously myself and was incredulous at how you were able to do it so well. Thanks for all the work you did to make it such an excellent work of art.""

Your show was absolutely BRILLIANT!...Extraodinary! The direction, the sets, the music, the acting and I loved Jenny Savage!! What a wonderful concept! It was truly an amazing night at the theatre....Lewis would be so pleased!

The main character Screwtape is so wonderfully over the top - sitting there in his smoking jacket, talking about the foibles of mankind, our vanities and the things you can prey on - it was just a wonderful good as any performance I've ever seen.

An outstanding production. I was very impressed by the lighting and staging, not to mention the acting and original approach to Lewis' work. I especially liked the use of Toadpipe to demonstrate the ways human beings act. Well done.

What a great show! It was such a pleasure to see this production come to fruition. You both really paid incredible attention to every detail and the result was frighteningly spectacular. You really paid tribute to CS Lewis' intention and the representations of how we are 'attacked' by the evil one. It was so interesting personally for me as I've had some attacks and revelations literally in the last 48 hours and seeing your show confirmed a lot of things. Funny how God works. I mean, for me to see that particular show on that particular night is a great example of His perfect timing! I'm going to bring LOADS of people from my church and friends who - just quietly - need to see this. Once again, congratulations and I wish you every success in life of this production.

I cannot get over the improvements you have made. I thoroughly enjoyed the 'off off-B'way" version, but this new production is really top-notch. Very professional and entertaining."

My Wife and I went on the sunday night show of the opening weekend. It was absolutely wonderful. We both really enjoyed Max McLean's performance and passion. He is a hero in the faith for me. His readings of the NIV and ESV has given me such incredible access to the scriptures over the past 6 years. To be able to see him in the theater and with such a great story as the Screwtape letters was fantastic. His command of the stage was very impressive.

Last night your "Screwtape" was even better than last year! I must now add even more gusto to my recommendations. You should do a DVD!

It took about 5 minutes to find our bearings and understand what was going on. I think that this is because it's like eavesdropping on a conversation that is the opposite of the way that we are used to thinking (although, I'd have to say that sometimes it's not opposite enough and oftentimes what Toadpipe mimed out to illustrate Screwtape's words made us shift in our seats)

It didn't feel like a one man show because Max was engaging us as Wormwood. His connection with the audience was excellent and on many occasions I felt as though he was talking directly to me. The web site does a good job of capturing it, but I think that seeing it live really is essential.

The whole idea of pride in ones so-called humility hit home, because we have to look at ourselves and recognize if our actions are driven by our desires or guided by the Holy Spirit. And it's really interesting and frightening at the same time to view ourselves as "patients." But it's so true! In my own faith walk, it was when I accepted the fact that I was a sinner that I understood what it meant to be saved by grace through faith. And when we moved to NJ, we went through our very-own church-hopping phase. It is so very easy to become a critic and get pulled into politics. That's what we found so scary about the performance, despite the humor with which the case was made. We have seen it happen and we have been a party to it ourselves.

As for Screwtape himself, it was amazing to see Max transformed into this character who slithered and barely contained his contempt and hatred for humanity under this very thin veneer of false charm. Kind of an aristocratic snake. And the backdrop had a catacomb type feel which wasn't very visible until the performance progressed. We had a great time at the show, and we are still talking about the questions it raises! Screwtape's unravelling had a very King Lear feel. My wife and I really both believe that it was an extraordinary performance.

Just returned from seeing the production in NY. It was a fabulous 90 minutes in hell. Max and Karen were diabolical and my personal walk with the Lord will never be the same.

Max McLean was amazing! His performance was flawless, and with that many lines to memorize, how did he manage? I loved Karen Wight, she played it just enough to add diversity and humor.

I am very glad that I was able to experience the performance of the Screwtape Letters. After the play I had many thoughts about how this goes on in each of our lives. I also wondered whom am I a patient of?

Although I'm not really a fan of one man shows this was brilliant. The staging was perfect and Mr. McLean was equally brilliant. Also Ms. Wight's handling of Toadpipe was both creepy and funny. This show was quite a pleasant surprise. Go see it!

I want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday's four o'clock performance. The set was very imaginative! One of the more dramatic images that stood out in my mind was the end. It was chilling and a fantastic finish to a great performance.

Frankly, heading to the theater, my expectations weren't all that high, largely due to the high bar set by the recording of the work by John Cleese, with which I am very familiar, and by the anticipated difficulty this work would have in being staged successfully. (To top it off, I'm not the greatest fan of one-man shows.) But I was very pleased.

McLean's florid interpretation gradually won me over, as this upper-middle-management devil becomes more and more ravenous for souls he sees slipping out of his grasp. His Screwtape devolves into a haunted, pathetic figure by the final scenes; the last blackout left the audience too stunned, for a moment, to applaud.