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Fellowship for the Performing Arts exists to produce theatre from a Christian worldview that engages a diverse audience. Click below to read about the unique and powerful ways FPA achieves its mission. To receive future newsletters sign up here.


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Recent Press
“Mounted by Fellowship for the Performing Arts, which creates theater from a Christian worldview…audience members interested in spiritual reflection will certainly find food for thought — and mortification — in this dramatization. But the fiendish reality the production conjures is colorful enough to appeal to theatergoers of any, or no, religious persuasion. The Devil is an equal opportunity entertainer.”    Washington Post

“Fellowship for the Performing Arts, an organization that supports “the integration of faith and the arts,” is currently presenting a stage version of C.S. Lewis’s “The Screwtape Letters”…It is — if I may say so — one hell of a good show.  The New York press has mostly ignored it, though, and I can’t think why (well, I can, but there’s no point in beating that dead horse).”  The Wall Street Journal

“Fellowship of the Performing Arts — a group devoted to producing “theater from a Christian worldview that is engaging to a diverse audience,” as their mission statement goes — has hit the bull’s-eye, making a Screwtape for the stage that’s nearly as incisive and funny as it is on the page, and one that should appeal to the aesthetically-discerning atheist as well as to a wide swath of religious folks.”    DCist.com

“Perhaps the most overwhelmingly alienating part of The Screwtape Letters for people in the age group of my companion and myself—ironic post-college twentysomethings—is the play's strong identification with Christianity.  Among many of my peers, Christianity is something for bible-thumpers and right-wing conservatives—something that we are predisposed to mock rather than venerate. In the sketch comedy world, where I work frequently, sketches featuring Jesus Christ are so common they are cliché.  It is therefore doubly important that ironic post-college twentysomethings like myself go and see The Screwtape Letters. What is presented is an intelligent, accessible, bitingly satirical and funny exploration of profound issues of right and wrong. This is not bible-thumping, this is serious meditation on issues having to do with the human experience—and it is important reminder of what Christianity can be.”   NYTheatre.com

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FPA is a non profit, tax exempt arts organization under IRS code 501(c) 3. It is a member of ECFA since 1996. Gifts to FPA are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. To make a donation in support of our work click here .

FPA is also the publisher of The Listener's Bible narrated by Max McLean. Visit www.listenersbible.com for downloads, CDs and MP3s of audio Bibles, daily devotionals, classic Christian literature and free resources.


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